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Spok Messenger Overview

Spok Messenger is a messaging platform that enables the seamless integration of all forms of text messaging. Whether you are dealing with an on-site paging system, Short Message Service, email, or DECT, Spok Messenger can deliver messages effortlessly.

Spok Messenger integrates with a variety of third-party systems such as fire alarms, security systems, and building management systems, which enables events to be directed immediately to the appropriate staff. In addition, messages may be initiated from any PC on the network or via a telephone interface.

In addition, Spok Messenger is a client/server application with dynamic, real-time updating of all database modifications from any PC on your network. By utilizing TCP/IP, clients may be connected to the server via the LAN, WAN, or remotely via the Internet. As each client makes modifications to the centralized database, these alterations are reflected instantaneously to all clients. This approach enables any PC (with sufficient security clearance) to make modifications to any aspect of the system, regardless of whether they are adding pagers, booking reminder messages, or even performing maintenance.


Spok Messenger Licensing and Capabilities


Connection Type


Concurrent thick client connections

500 per server

Concurrent web client connections

300 per server

Recipient devices

100,000 per server

User licenses