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Spok Messenger Intended Use

The intended use of the Spok Messenger is to provide an interface with clinical systems to forward information associated to the particular event to the designated display device(s).

For medical, near real-time events, Spok Messenger is intended to serve as a parallel, redundant forwarding mechanism to inform healthcare professionals of particular medical-related events. Please note that Spok Messenger does not alter the behavior of the primary medical devices and associated event annunciations. The display device provides a visual, and/or audio and/or vibrating mechanism upon receipt of the alert.

Spok Messenger is intended for use as a secondary alarm. It does not replace the primary alarm function on the monitor.

WARNING: Spok Messenger does not substitute for the primary monitoring system and must only be used as a redundant, parallel notification mechanism to provide remote secondary alerting of events.

WARNING: Spok Messenger is intended to be used by qualified personnel only. Please do not attempt to use or makes changes in Spok Messenger if you are not qualified to do so.

CAUTION: Federal (and Canadian) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed medial practitioner.