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Spok Messenger Gateways: SIP Events

This topic describes how to configure the SIP Events Gateway.

The Spok Messenger SIP Event gateway is an inbound, managed gateway that supports SIP Integration to the Rauland R5 nurse call system. It was created as an alternative to integrating via inbound TAP.

NOTE: One SIP Gateway is supported per Spok Messenger server.

One SIP event gateway can support multiple Rauland R5 nurse call systems.

Configure the SIP Events Gateway

  1. From the Spok Messenger main screen, choose Edit > Interfaces > SIP Event Gateway. 
  2. Enter the fields described below:


    Enter the host IP address of the Messenger server as an opening IP address to receive incoming SIP calls. This is usually the same IP address as the Messenger server.

    NOTE: This IP address should be used as the destination IP for Rauland R5 nurse call system(s).


    Enter the Port number for SIP Event gateway as an opening port to receive incoming SIP calls.

    NOTE: This port number should be used as the destination port number for Rauland R5 nurse call system(s).

    Transport Type

    Choose the following:

    • UDP: UDP transport protocol

    Extract Callback Information

    Enable this option to use the address specified in the SIP to User (or SIP To Extension) field for the event’s callback extension.

    Registration Succeeded

    Indicates that the current SIP self-registration succeeded.

    Not Registered

    Indicates that the current SIP is not registered or un-registered.

    Registration Failed

    Indicates that the current SIP self-registration failed.

  3. Click the Enable Gateway option and click Save. The gateway is saved and starts. At this time, registration is also performed and results display in the color bars:
  4. To unregister the gateway, disable the Enable Gateway option and click Save. Information displays indicating the gateway is unregistered in the color bars:

SIP Event Gateway Startup Failure

If the self-registration failed, the SIP events dialog displays registration failed information and disables the gateway. The Registration Failed image displays red.

If a registration failure occurs, double check the IP address is correct or port is available for SIP to use.