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Spok Messenger Gateways: SMS

The SMS Gateway allows transmission of SMS messages directly via a modem. When a port is set with the SMS protocol, it is automatically added to a pool and the SMS gateway chooses the first available modem from this pool when messages are to be sent. Access the SMS gateway by going to Interfaces > SMS.


Information in the SMS Gateways dialog can be changed by altering the information in the given fields. A description of the fields is listed below:

Max msg length

Determines the longest message that can be sent through this gateway. Messages that exceed this length are either truncated or split, depending on the Split long messages setting.             


Sets the size of the queue threshold for outgoing messages (Default is 100).

Message validity

Identifies the duration that the message is kept by the carrier while the destination phone is off.

Split long messages

Causes message longer than the maximum message length to be sent as separate sequential messages.

Accept messages

Allows messages to be received. Incoming messages of the form "xxx Message text" are delivered to local ID xxx (Assuming the Send via option is set to Default mapping). There must be a space between the local ID and the message text.

Send Via

When DEFAULT MAPPING is selected, incoming IDs are located in the recipient database (in the local ID field) and messages forwarded as defined by those recipients. When another gateway is selected here, messages are forwarded directly to that gateway using the incoming ID as the target address.

Allow sent messages

Allow messages to be sent.

Gateway enabled

Determines whether or not the gateway is functional. It is convenient to disable this setting to temporarily stop messaging to the GSM modems.


Adding SMS Gateways

New SMS Gateways can be added.

  1. Choose Interfaces > SMS. The SMS Gateways dialog displays.
  2. Enter information as desired.
  3. Click Save to save the changes.

Editing SMS Gateways

Existing SMS Gateways can be edited.

  1. Choose Interfaces > SMS. The SMS Gateways dialog displays.
  2. Select the gateway to be edited from the list on the left. The information for the chosen gateway displays in the fields.
  3. Change the desired information.
  4. Click Save. The changes to the gateway are saved.

Deleting SMS Gateways

Existing SMS Gateways can be deleted.

  1. Choose Interfaces > SMS. The SMS Gateways dialog displays.
  2. Select the gateway to be deleted from the list.
  3. Click Delete or press the delete key on the keyboard. The gateway is deleted.