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Spok Messenger Gateways: Scope

Scope Gateways are used for sending and receiving messages from systems using the Scope protocol. A single screen is provided to manage Scope Gateways. This screen may only be accessed using the Interfaces > Scope option.


In this example, there are two Scope gateways currently registered called Scope 1200 and Scope 512. The two gateways are sharing the same port to provide POSCAG 512bps and 1200bps contacts out to the same system. All registered Scope gateways appear in the left panel of the screen.


The name that appears in the Gateway port list.


Refers to the physical connection that this gateway utilizes. The port may be shared between scope gateways to provide Pocsag 512bps and 1200bps contacts. If no port appears in this list, you need to configure at least one port to use the Scope Protocol.


Specifies the Pocsag speed to be applied to the sent message.


Sets the communication rate for serial communication.


Sets the number of data bits for serial communication.


Sets the type of parity for serial communication.


Sets the number of stop bits for serial communication.

 Max msg length

The maximum number of characters for a message. If the number of characters exceeds the limit, the message is truncated or split. Please note that the default number of characters is 230. If you choose to enter a number larger than the default value, you may run into compatibility issues with some devices.

Split long messages

Causes message longer than the maximum message length to be sent as separate sequential messages.

Send Via

This option is for Scope messages received from an external system. The message can either forward directly to another gateway, for example Pocsag gateway, or Default mapping which uses the ID received as a local ID lookup.

Gateway enabled

Determines whether or not the gateway is functional. It is convenient to disable this setting to temporarily stop messaging to the Scope device.


Adding Scope Gateways

A new Scope gateway can be created.

  1. Choose Interfaces > Scope. The Scope Gateways dialog displays.
  2. Click New. The fields can be edited.
  3. Enter desired information.
  4. Click Save. The gateway is saved.

NOTE: There are no provisions to set the communications parameters, as the Scope CCFP can use only one communication setting.

Editing Scope Gateways

An existing Scope gateway can be edited.

  1. Choose Interfaces > Scope. The Scope Gateways dialog displays.
  2. Select the Scope gateway to be edited. The information for the chosen gateway displays in the fields.
  3. Edit desired information in the fields.
  4. Click Save. The changes are saved to the system.

Deleting Scope Gateways

An existing Scope gateway can be deleted.

  1. Choose Interfaces > Scope. The Scope dialog displays.
  2. Select the Scope gateway from the list to be deleted. The information for the gateway displays in the fields.
  3. Click Delete. A confirmation dialog displays. 
  4. Click Yes to delete the Scope gateway.

NOTE: If the gateway is currently in use by contacts, you are presented with a warning dialog. To remove the gateway, you must first modify the contacts to no longer use this gateway.