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Configuring Departments in Messenger

Departments are administrative groups that into which recipients may be placed. They may be useful for statistical analysis or billing purposes, but do not affect the functionality of Spok Messenger. Therefore, the use of departments is optional.

Departments can be used in Spok Messenger to easily organize groups of people. Dividing people into departments makes tracking the percentage of messages to different locations within an organization possible. It can also make it easy for people to decide who to send a message to, depending on the different members of departments.

Adding Departments

New departments can be added as needed.

  1. Choose Edit > Departments. The Departments screen displays. 
  2. Click New. The Name field is cleared so a new name can be entered.
  3. Enter a department name in the Name field.
  4. Click Save. The new department displays in the list.


Editing Departments

The name of an existing department can be changed. Note that a department must have a name. If you attempt to save a department without adding a name, an error message displays and you are not allowed to save the change.

  1. Click on the name of the department you want to change.
  2. Edit the name in the Name field.
  3. Click Save. The department list is updated with the new name.

Deleting Departments

A department that is no longer valid can be removed. Note that if a contact is assigned to the department you are trying to delete, you are not allowed to delete the department. You must remove the department assignment from the contacts before you can delete the department.

Removing a Department that is NOT Assigned to a Device

A department that is not assigned to a device can be quickly deleted.

  1. From the department list, select the department that you want to remove. The name of the department displays in the Departments screen.
  2. Click Delete. A warning message displays.
  3. Click Yes. The department is deleted and the Departments screen is updated.


Removing a Department that IS Assigned to a Device

Departments that are assigned to a device can be removed; however, the assignments must be removed before the department can be deleted.

When a department is deleted from a device, the system assigns the NONE option to the device as the department. This can be verified in the Devices form.

  1. From the department list, select the department that you want to remove.
  2. Click Delete. The Deleting Departments with Links dialog displays. The devices to which the department is assigned display in the Links section. The device assignments must be deleted before the department can be deleted.
  3. The device assignments can be deleted from the Links section.
    1. Click on a device in the Links section.
    2. Click the Delete button.
    3. Repeat the process until devices no longer display in the Links section.
    4. When the last device is deleted, the department is automatically deleted and the Departments dialog is updated and redisplayed.