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HotKey Messages in Spok Messenger

HotKey Messages in Spok Messenger are used to send predefined messages to a given recipient at the touch of a button. HotKey Messages are particularly suited to emergency messages that must be dispatched as quickly as possible. 

To configure HotKey Messages, choose the Edit > HotKey Messages option from the main menu. The HotKey Messages screen displays.


The Name field represents the HotKey message that displays in the list of HotKey messages.


The Key field represents the key combination that is used to activate the HotKey message. Simply press the keys required to active this message and the combination appears in this field. Please note that at least two keys must be pressed simultaneously to create a valid HotKey message.


The Recipient list box represents the device, or group of devices, that responds to this message.

Message  Text

The Message Text field includes the text of the message.

Message Tone

The Message Tone list box refers to the beep code (or function digit) used to send this message. The functionality of this setting may depend on the type of gateway through which the message is being sent.

Priority Message

The Priority Message option should be checked if all messages to this escalation should be sent as soon as possible. Any messages sent to this escalation are thus added to the front of the pending message queue.

Requires confirmation before sending message

When chosen, the Requires confirmation before sending message option displays a dialog box upon activation of this HotKey when checked.


Adding HotKey Messages

A new HotKey message can be added.

  1. Choose Edit > HotKey Messages. The HotKey Messages dialog displays.
  2. Click New. The fields clear and information can be added.
  3. Enter the information for the new HotKey message.
  4. Click Save. The HotKey message is saved, or, if the key combination you entered uses either the Alt or Control keys in conjunction with one other key, the following warning is displayed. This indicates that the combination may be used by the operating system for other functions (for example, Alt + F4 closes the current window), and hence, may not be suitable for use as a Spok Messenger HotKey.
  5. Click Yes if you want to use the combination despite this, or No to return to editing the HotKey Message. The changes are saved.


Editing HotKey Messages

An existing HotKey message can be deleted. Please note that some details may be changed simultaneously for multiple HotKey messages.

  1. Select the HotKey message to be edited from the list. The information for that HotKey message display in the fields.
  2. Change the information for the HotKey message.
  3. Click Save. The new HotKey message is saved to the database.


Deleting HotKey Messages

An existing HotKey message can be deleted. Please note that multiple HotKey messages can be deleted at one time by selecting more than one message, as explained above.

  1. Select the HotKey message to be deleted from the list. Information for the chosen HotKey message displays in the fields.
  2. Click Delete or press the delete key on the keyboard to delete the HotKey message. A warning dialog displays.
  3. Click Yes. The HotKey message is deleted.