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Reminder Messages in Spok Messenger

Reminder Messages in Spok Messenger are used to send messages automatically at some time in the future, or at regular intervals. Once a reminder has no further messages to send, it is automatically deleted from the pending list.

  1. If you wish to configure Reminder Messages, choose Edit > Reminder Messages from the main menu. The Reminder Messages window displays.
  2. In the Name field, enter the reminder message that you want to appear in the list of pending reminders.
  3. From the Recipient list box, select the device, or group of devices, that responds to this reminder.
  4. From the Next call list box, select the time and date that the next call for this reminder is sent.
  5. The Recurrence Type may be set to one of the following options:
    Once-Only Reminder The reminder is s   ent once and is then deleted.
    Recurring Reminder The reminder is sent for the selected number of times.
  1. Multiple messages are sent according to the following settings:

    Repeat Every

    Sets the frequency of Recurring Reminders.

    Calls remaining

    Sets the number of Recurring Reminder messages to send.

    Repeat forever

    Disregards the number of calls remaining, and continue to send the recurring reminder message.

    Message text

    The message that are sent to the recipient.

    Message tone

    Refers to the beep code (or function digit) used to send this message. The functionality of this setting may depend on the type of gateway through which the message is being sent.

    Priority Message

    Selects whether or not this message is to be considered a priority.

    Send on weekdays

    Should be enabled if this message is to be sent on Mondays through Fridays.

    Send on weekends

    Should be enabled if this message is to be sent on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Send on public holidays

    Should be enabled if this message is to be sent on days defined as Public Holidays.

    Show reminder to everyone

    Should be enabled if this reminder message should be viewed by other users that are entered in the system. 


Adding Reminder Messages

A new reminder message can be added.

  1. Click New. The fields clear and information can be added.
  2. Enter the desired information for the new reminder message.
  3. Click Save. The new reminder message is created. If the time for the next call is earlier than or equal to the current time, the following warning is displayed.
  4. Click the Yes button to save the details despite this, or click No to abort the save and return to the editing screen.
  5. Click Save. The reminder message is saved.


Editing Reminder Messages

An existing reminder message can be deleted. Please note that multiple reminder messages can be edited at once.

  1. Select the message to be edited from the list. The information for the message populates in the fields.
  2. Make the desired changes.
  3. Click Save. The changes to the existing reminder message are saved.


Deleting Reminder Messages

An existing reminder message can be deleted. Multiple Reminder Messages can be deleted by selecting more than one reminder as explained above.

  1. Select the message to be deleted from the list.
  2. Click Delete or press the delete key on the keyboard. A warning dialog displays.