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Spok Messenger Supported Modules for HSM Integration

Messenger is comprised of modules that broadcast status information. This status information is viewable within Messenger’s desktop client. Each module broadcasts updates of the status information every 10 seconds. This same information is published to HSM. Therefore, HSM can monitor and be scripted to notify against any of these metrics. HSM can notify when certain conditions of interest exist. The information pushed to HSM is based on two levels of monitoring:

Service Level Monitoring

Notifications when the Messenger service is disabled or stops.

Module Level Monitoring

Status updates of gateways, managers and interfaces.


The following modules have been optimized for HSM integration and are supported for monitoring and notification. To view this information in the Messenger desktop client, choose View > System Status.

Cisco Outbound

PMSG Inbound


Reporting Output to Reporting Service

Spectralink OAI

Tap Inbound

Tap Outbound

WCTP Outbound

Web Server

Monitored Metrics

The following can be monitored and potentially trigger a notification when certain thresholds or conditions are reached:

All Modules

  • Active – Yes/No – Is the module enabled
  • Up Time – How long has the module been enabled and running

Inbound/Outbound Gateways

  • Port status for all registered Ports
    • Connection status
    • Idle Time (in seconds) since a protocol message was received
    • Idle Time (in seconds) since a protocol message was sent
  • Current Message Throughput – highest number of messages that were processed through the gateway queue in the last minute
  • Max Message Throughput – highest number ever observed in Current Message Throughput.
    NOTE: Both the Max Message Throughput and Current Message Throughput status metrics will reset when the gateway is restarted.
  • Total Messages Sent
  • Total Messages Received

Outbound Only Gateways

  • Messages Sent Successfully
  • Message Failures