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Automated Desktop Client Login in Spok Messenger

Viewing and Configuring the Automated Desktop Client

Messenger’s Desktop Client login features can be automated by using command lines. This is especially useful for sites that want to launch the client while simultaneously logging in the user.


  • Messenger version 3.4.2 or later
  • Command line functionality within windows must be accessible.

Using the Command line options

  1. Locate the file path for Messenger’s basepage.exe file. In most cases this will be located in the C:\program files directory.

  2. Open the windows command prompt.

  3. Ensure the drive listed is the location where Messenger resides.

  4. Enter the path for Messenger’s basepage.exe file and press enter. The command path changes to the Messenger directory.

  5. Enter “Basepage /?” and press <Enter>.

  6. The full set of command line options displays.

  7. Enter the command line based on the login details you wish to use. Example below:
    Specify login and server info

    NOTE: If the user’s password is blank, enter a space for the password.

  8. Press Enter. The desktop client is opened and the user is logged in.