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System Settings Window in Spok Messenger

The Settings screen allows configuration of many different aspects of the overall system operation. The Settings dialog can be accessed.

Choose Edit > Settings. The Settings dialog displays.


The Settings dialog includes multiple different tabs, each including information.

User (Your username)

Allows settings on how the client behaves when you log in.


Allows configuration of global settings and default settings for new users.

Text Messaging

Allows configuration of how messages are sent. This tab also allows survey of sites where a Pocsag transmitter is installed.


Allows configuration of the logging and configuration for the client connections.


Allows configuration of software services used by the application.


Allows backup and restoration of the database.


Allows you to configure client start up options

Staff Allocation

Allows you to configure Staff Allocation options

License Options

Allows you to view current license options, and request enhancements to your system.