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Adding a Logo Image in Spok Messenger

A logo image can be optionally displayed on the client’s home. This is useful for companies to display their company logo or some other image if needed.

The image must be in bitmap (.bmp) format.

  1. Access the folder where the Spok Messenger client is installed, (usually C:\Program Files\Spok\Spok Messenger\Client).
  2. Place the bitmap image in that folder. The bitmap must be named “adv.bmp”. NOTE: The bitmap image is not displayed if Spok Messenger is operating in Demonstration mode. i.e.: “Not for resale” is chosen in the license options.
  3. Start up the client.
  4. Determine that the image is displayed correctly. If the image size is too large or too small, it may have to be resized in a third-party software application.