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Client Tab in Spok Messenger

The client tab changes the client settings.

  1. Choose Edit > Settings. The Settings dialog displays.
  2. Choose the Client tab. The Client tab displays.
  3. In the Client tab, enter any desired information. A description of each field is included below.

    Automatically login

    Selecting this option causes the Messenger client to login automatically when the client starts using the specified credentials.


    Identifies a name for the user. If you select the option <Network login name> from the drop down menu, the system identifies the user that has logged into Windows and uses their username.


    Identifies the server that is connected to at the startup of Spok Messenger. The list of servers increases each time you successfully connect to a valid server.


    Identifies the password that is used when automatically connecting to a server.

    Password (confirm)

    Is used to validate that you have actually typed the password you were intending to type in the Password field.

    Override command line options

    Selecting this option causes the client to ignore command line options that relate to the username, password, and server name. De-selecting this option causes any command line options specified to override the settings entered here.

  4. After all desired information is added, click Save to save the changes.