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Database Tab in Spok Messenger

The Database tab allows users to backup and restore the Spok Messenger database.

  1. Choose Edit > Settings. The Settings dialog displays.
  2. Choose the Database tab. The Database tab displays.


Backing Up the Database to a Specific Location

  1. Enter the location you want to back up the database to in the file name field.
  2. Click Backup Now. Please be aware that this file name is relative to the server rather than the client. In the example shown above, the backup file would be created on the server’s hard drive, not the client’s. A Backup in progress dialog displays. When it is complete and if the backup is successful, the following confirmation displays:


Restoring a Saved Version of the Database

  1. Enter the location of the backup file relative to the server in the file name field.
  2. Click Restore. A warning dialog displays.
  3. Click Yes to execute the restore. The Spok Messenger is automatically restarted with the restored data. If the backup file is invalid, the current database is retained. Or, click No to refrain from proceeding.