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License Tab in Spok Messenger

The final tab in the System Settings screen allows upgrades to the enabled features of Spok Messenger. There are two ways of requesting a license key from the dealer- via manual process (End user contacts the dealer personally) or electronic process (Spok Messenger electronically contacts the dealer and obtains the license key automatically). Please note that any changes that are made to the license options require the server to be restarted.

  1. Choose Edit > Settings. The Settings dialog displays.
  2. Choose the License tab. The License tab displays.
  3. Choose one of the buttons listed below.

Reload Current

When clicked, the Reload Current button resets the list of features to the set presently installed.

Generate Request Key

When clicked, the Generate Request Key button generates a new license request key in the text box. Use this option to request a license key when the Spok Messenger server has no internet connectivity.

Load License Key

When clicked, the Load License Key button loads a new license key from a text file on your computer.

Install License Key

When clicked the Install License Key button installs the loaded license key.

  1. Click the Save button. The new features are permanently installed.