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Services Tab in Spok Messenger

The Services tab allows users to configure software services used by the application.

Patient Repository Service Url:  Set this to the base address of the Spok Patient Repository Service. For example, “https://hostname/SpokPatientRepository/”. This will be the service used by the application to access patient clinical information during event processing and message interaction with users. 

Username and Password: These credentials allow the application to authenticate with the Spok Patient Repository Service. The domain credential could be in the global Active Directory (AD) domain or in the local computer's domain. The Spok Patient Repository Service should be in the same domain. Incorrect Domain credentials will deny accessibility to the Spok Patient Repository Service.

Note: The Patient Data Integration licensing option is required in order to use this feature.

Local Domain User

For establishing the connection between Messenger to Spok Patient Repository Service, create a local user under the Spok Patient Repository service system. Using this credential provides authentication to query Patient clinical information from Spok Patient Repository Service.

To create a local user, follow these steps:

  1. Open Computer Management and expand Local Users and Groups.
  2. Choose Users > New User.
  3. Add details for a new user to belong to the local domain.
  4. Click Create to save the user.