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User Tab in Spok Messenger

The first tab in the systems settings screen (the Maint tab­) is used for changing parameters that are unique to the current user.

  1. Click on the first tab (Maint). The information for the user settings displays.
  2. In the Sort recipients by field, you have two options: Name and Type then Name. Choose the desired option. A description of each field is included below. A warning dialog displays, warning you that the change does not appear on the manual paging screen until you next log on.


Sorts the list alphabetically, regardless of the type of recipient.

Type then Name

Organizes recipients into devices and groups, and then sorts them alphabetically within these categories.


  1. Click OK to acknowledge this information. You are returned to the Settings screen.

Put priority items first

Choose this option if the priority recipients are to appear at the head of the recipients list.


Enter a new log in password, if desired. The same password must be entered in each field for the change to take effect. If the passwords in the Password and Password (confirmation) fields do not match, a warning dialog displays.

Password (confirmation)

Re-enter the password that is entered in the Password field to confirm that it is entered correctly.


Enter text that you want appended to all messages that the current user sends out. This feature is similar to the signature line in emails.

Email address

Enter the user's email address. Messages this user sends to email recipients have their "From:" field set to this address.

Send on enter

If you enable this field, manual messages are automatically dispatched when the Enter key is pressed.

  1. Click Save to save any changes.