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Using Custom SSL Certificates with Spok Messenger

Installing Custom Certificates

When customer SSL certificates are not detected, Spok Messenger deploys backup certificates labeled “backupCertSrv.pem” and “backupPrivKeySrv.pem” when the secure HTTPS address is accessed. To use a custom certificate, the new certificate and key files need to be placed in the correct folder in Windows.

The Messenger application web service uses .pem file formats for SSL certificates. This is the same format commonly used with Apache web servers. The certificate files should be placed in the application’s server installation directory where the server.exe is located.

  1. Locate the Messenger server installation directory. By default, this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Spok\Spok Messenger
    • NOTE: Messenger version 5.9 and earlier requires certificate files loaded into the Windows system directory. This path varies based on your version of operating system
      • In 64 bit systems, this folder is located in the following location: Windows\SysWOW64.
      • In 32 bit systems, this folder is located in the following location: Windows\System32.
  2. Copy the custom SSL certificate files into the directory. These files include:
    • Certificate: certSrv.pem
    • Private Key: privKeySrv.pem
      NOTE: These names are case sensitive.
  3. Restart Spok Messenger.
    1. Stop the Spok Messenger server.
    2. Start the Spok Messenger server.

  4. Open Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer displays.
  5. Clear the SSL State.
    1. Choose the Internet Options > Content menu option. The Internet Options dialog displays.
    2. In the Internet Options dialog, click Clear SSL state . The SSL State is cleared.
  6. Log into the Spok Messenger web client using the following secure address: https://<MessengerServerIP>. For detailed information on how to log into the Spok Messenger web client, please refer to the User Guide Spok Messenger Web Client document. A warning screen displays.

  7. In the warning screen, choose the Continue to this website option to access the web client. The web client displays.