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MediCall Suite Release Notes 11.13.x

11.13 (November 27, 2019)

New Features and Enhancements

MediCall Integration with NEC Spok SIP Park

Medicall now integrates with NEC Spok SIP Park.  This integration has the following CTI requirements:

  • Spok CTI Server version 7.2.76+
  • Spok CTI Client  version 7.2.46+
  • GenBridge version 7.2.6+

Both the CTI Client and GenBridge must be installed on each workstation. 

IMPORTANT: NEC SIP Parking will only work where ACD is implemented.

Support for International Date Format

For improved usability, MediCall now supports international date format. 

Corrected Issues

MediCall Console

  • Resolved issue where multiple queues were ending with same character, resulting in users being unable to tell queues apart.
  • Modified the code to fix an issue where when the operator used the ALT+G shortcut, the transfer was canceled and the VWAS greeting played continuously.
  • Addressed issue where screen navigation jumped when trying to transfer calls.
  • Fixed issue when using Page All Devices macro %m3 erroneously marking some pages as delivered.
  • Added Java support for console browser. Also included fix to support %s opening an external browser to display complex web pages.
  • Fixed error where pages were not sent until the date format was changed.
  • Fixed error found in PagetoEmail international enhancement where it was not recognizing DB paging queues. 


  • Modified the code to fix a formatting error with On Call schedules caused by browser compatibility issues. 
  • Updated WebXchange code to fix issue for Alerting & Mobile - TLS 1.2.
  • Addressed UI truncation in the Create Report button in WebXchange.
  • Modified the code by adding another condition in the dial number masking routine regex dial patterns.

Xtend Data Service

  • Fixed an issue where a Spok Mobile messages were not reaching the user when sent through the load balancer.
  • Modified the code to ensure the No One On Call label displayed properly when using XDS methods.

 Page Server

  • Fixed Page Server version issue where it shows letters for build numbers between 1 and 26.
  • Modified code to fix error in which the page server was disconnecting from the database. With this fix, the new database accessor under xnpgado establishes its own connection before running any SQL statement.


  • Fixed the code to support paging for WCTP protocol and addressed deadlock issues.
  • Modified code to fix an issue where SNPP pages were failing and continually retrying. With this fix, the page is marked as "FAILED" and rewritten to the database queue using alternate percent type.