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Message Notifications

This article describes the types of message notifications you will see within Spok Go as well as how to enable or disable notifications.


Spok Go uses several types of notifications to alert you when you receive a new message or alert. By default, the Spok Go displays notifications in a pop-up window and in the conversation tab. Only pop-up notifications can be enabled or disabled.

For data privacy, the pop-up notification displays only the sender's name as well as the time the message was sent.

Notifications are displayed only if you are signed in to Spok Go. 


Type of Notification Description
Pop-Up Displays for each new message or alert. Only the sender's name and time of the message are displayed. You can enable or disable pop-up notifications. 
Conversation Tab Displays the total number of new messages. Alerts and tasks are not included in this number.

Enabling or Disabling Pop-Up Notifications

Within the browser that you are using, you can enable notifications from the browser settings. Access the browser settings, or click the gear icon on the message notification to enable or disable pop-up notifications.


Internet Explorer 11 does not support browser/pop-up notifications from Spok Go. To receive notifications, you can download and install the Spok Go desktop application. See Spok Go Desktop Application for more information.