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Integrating Spok Messenger with Spok Care Connect 2019

This article describes how integrate to Spok Messenger with Care Connect 2019. This includes configuring the on-premises gateway and Spok Messenger to communicate with each other and to pass data to the cloud.


You can integrate Spok Messenger with Care Connect 2019 to enable alerts, such as nurse call alerts, to be sent through Spok Conduct to Spok Go. This allows nurses to receive alerts on their Spok Go devices.  The article below describes the steps to integrate an existing Spok Messenger system.

Before you Begin

Before integrating Spok Messenger, do the following:

  • Ensure you have Spok Messenger version 5.16 or higher.
  • Ensure you configured the Care Connect Gateway in Spok Messenger. See Spok Messenger Care Connect Gateway Integration Manual.
  • Ensure you have the URL of the load balancer for the on-premises gateway. Spok Messenger needs to communicate with the load balancer.

Step 1: Build and Deploy the Gateway

Ensure the on-premises gateway is installed and configured. For more information see, Installing and Configuring the On-Premises Gateway.

Step 2: Create the Spok Messenger Integration

  1. In Care Connect 2019, click Administration > Gateway.
  2. Click Add Integration next to the gateway and Add next to Messenger Connector.
    final add Messenger.png
  3. A confirmation displays after the integration is created. Click No Thanks to close the add integration window.
    mess final int.PNG
  4. Click the Messenger integration link and use the copy icon next to the username and password to copy each value. These values will be used in the next step. 
    final mess copy.png
  5. In the future if you would like delete the integration, click the integration and click the Delete icon.
    final mess delete.png

Step 3: Configure Spok Messenger to Communicate with the On-Premises Gateway

  1. Sign in to Spok Messenger.
  2. Click Interfaces.
  3. Select Care Connect.
  4. Enter the following information: 
    • Server Address: Enter the address of the load balancer for the on-premises gateway. 
    • Auth User Name: Paste the user name for the gateway that you copied from the Messenger integration screen. 
    • Auth Password: Paste the password for the gateway that you copied from the Messenger integration screen. 
  5. Click Test to confirm the configuration and connection to the gateway. If the connection is successful, a checkmark is displayed. 
  6. Click Save. Spok Messenger can now communicate with the on-premises gateway.  


After you complete the steps above, Spok Messenger is able to send alerts to communicate with the on-premises gateway. Next, ensure your nurse call events are set up and configured within Spok Messenger and Spok Conduct.