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This article provides an overview of your Spok Go inbox, including how messages are sorted and prioritized as well as how you can clean up your inbox and search for a conversation.

When you sign in, your Spok Go inbox is automatically displayed. Your inbox is used like your email inbox for individual and group conversations. From your inbox you can view a navigation menu on left, the list of conversations in the middle, and the message text on the right. 

All conversations are visible in your inbox at all times unless you hide a conversation. Conversations cannot be automatically archived or removed.

Icon Description

Inbox displays your individual and group messages. The conversations with the newest messages are displayed at the top of the screen. 


Tasks displays the list of active alerts that you accepted from the alert systems configured at your site, such as nurse call.

If you declined or escalated an alert, the alert is not displayed in your Tasks folder. When you complete a task, the alert is removed from the Tasks folder. 

Message Priority and Organization

By default, the most recent conversations (by date/time) are displayed at the top of the screen. 

Inbox: The newest conversation is always displayed at the top of the screen. 

Tasks: The task that has been active for the longest time is displayed at the top of the screen. If you receive an alert, you cannot view messages in your inbox until you accept or decline the alert. 

Searching Your Inbox for a Conversation

You can search your inbox for a specific conversation. Search by the sender's first name, last name, or enter a part of the name, such as "Smi" for a last name of "Smith". Hidden conversations are not displayed in the search results. 

Cleaning Up Your Inbox

As you receive messages, you'll want to clean up your inbox. You cannot delete conversations from your inbox, but you can temporarily hide them by hoverig your cursor over the message and clicking the X. When you hide a conversation, it is no longer displayed in your inbox. The conversation reappears if someone within the conversation sends another message.