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Viewing Devices

The Manage Devices page allows users to view information such as the username, email address, internal ID, group, device type, client version, and registration status for each device that is registered with Spok Mobile. Please note that these fields can be re-ordered.

Descriptions of these fields are shown below.





The Username field displays the username that is registered in the system for the device. When selected, the devices are sorted by username.

Email Address

The Email Address field displays the email address that is associated with the device. When selected, the devices are sorted by email address.

Internal ID

The Internal ID field displays the identification numbers that are assigned to the devices entered into the system. The system assigns this number to the device. When selected, the devices are sorted by their assigned internal ID number.

Device Type

The Device Type field displays information on the type of device (i.e. Apple) that is entered into the system. When selected, the devices are sorted by their device type.

Client Version

The Client Version field displays information on the version of Spok Mobile that is installed on each entered device. For example, a device could have a client version number of This means that this device is running Spok Mobile version 3.1.0, with a build number of 153. When selected, the devices are sorted by the installed version of Spok Mobile on the device.

Registration Status

The Registration Status field describes the registration status for the device. For example, if a device has a registration status of “ACTIVE,” this means that the device registration and activation process is finished and the device can receive and send messages.


  1. In the Spok Hosted Administration interface, choose the Manage|Mobile|Devices menu option. The Manage Devices screen displays, showing information for the devices that are registered.

NOTE: No additions, edits, or deletions can be made on this page.


Using the Device Grid

The device grid can be refreshed, searched, rearranged, and reordered. For more information on navigating the device grid, please refer to Getting Started.