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Adding an Integration

You can add new integrations to Spok Enterprise Administration. To add a new integration to the Spok Server, do the following:

When you add or update integrations in high availability environments, the changes are applied to the DRS web service’s web.config file. However, the changes to the secondary server’s web.config must be made manually. To do this, copy the updated file from the primary server’s DRS (<IISROOT>\wwwroot\Spok\SpokDRS\web.config) and paste the new file onto the secondary server to replace the existing file (<IISROOT>\wwwroot\Spok\SpokDRS\web.config).

  1. Access the Spok Enterprise Administration interface.

  2. Select the Administration > System Configuration > Integration menu option. The Manage Integration Settings screen displays, showing the integration grid.

  3. Click the Add link. The Create Integration Settings screen displays.

  4. From the Application Type drop-down menu, select the type of integration that you would like to add. The fields change depending on which option you select.