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Installing the Spok Mobile Message Monitoring Service

The page provides Spok PSG Representatives with the procedure to install the Spok Mobile Message Monitoring Service on Spok Mobile servers.

For the procedures used by Spok IT to deploy the Hosted Message Monitoring components, see Installing the Spok Mobile Message Monitoring Service - Spok Mobile Hosted.

The API required for Spok Mobile Message Monitoring (CareConnect.Monitoring.api) is deployed on the Spok Mobile server(s), so it can connect to both the Spok Mobile AmcomAmcPremiseCore database and to the Contact Center’s database. Use the procedures below to install and configure the Message Monitoring API on the Spok Mobile server(s).

Copy the Files to the Spok Mobile Server(s)

What: "CareConnect.Monitoring" Installation media

Where: Spok Mobile server(s) and Spok Mobile database server

  1. If you did not complete this step before beginning the implementation (see CCS Installer 1.9 Prerequisites), copy all of the files in the "CareConnect.Monitoring\MonitoringData" folder to the folder on the client’s Spok Mobile server(s). The preferred location is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\MonitoringData.
  2. Copy all of the files in the "CareConnect.Monitoring\Database" folder to the folder on the client’s Spok Mobile database server.

Add the Monitoring Service to IIS Manager

What: MonitoringData Installation Media

Where: IIS on Spok Mobile server(s)

  1. Open IIS Manager.
  2. In the Default Web Site dropdown menu, select Add New Application:
    • Specify the Alias as “MonitoringData
    • Leave the Application pool as the default one (assuming it is at least .NET 4.0)
    • Select where the published files on the file system are

Configure the Web.config File 

What: Web.config file 

Where: MonitoringData folder on Spok Mobile server(s)

  1. Open the the Web.config file in the MonitoringData folder with any text editor.
  2. In the cnfgClient tag, change the url attribute to point to the ConfigClient service, which is on the Care Connect server.
    For example: where is the IP of the Premise server.
  3. In the “connectionStrings” tag, change the “Mobile” database connection string to the correct Spok Mobile server’s database so the CareConnect.Monitoring.api can connect to the AmcomAmcPremiseCore database.

Run Premise.sql

What: Premise.sql

Where: Care Connect Monitoring "Database" folder on Spok Mobile database server

A SQL script must be run for authentication of the web.api.

  1. Locate the Premise.sql script in Care Connect Monitoring "Database" folder
  2. Run this script on the Spok Mobile database server.