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Synchronizing Server Times

This topic includes information for synchronizing server times in the Care Connect environment.

Synchronizing the Care Connect Suite Server and Network Times

All Care Connect Suite server dates and times must be synchronized with the network's time. Each server must also be synchronized with the rest of of the Care Connect Suite servers, including the console/contact center system's server (Smart Suite, Spok Console suite, or MediCall Suite).

If the Spok Mobile server has a different time than the network to which the Spok Mobile devices are connected, time discrepancies can occur. In this situation, the times that are recorded on the server and those that display on the Spok Mobile clients would be different. To ensure that times are accurately represented on both the server and devices, synchronize the times on both.

For information on how to synchronize the times between the server and the clients, please refer to Microsoft’s technical documentation.