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CCS Installer 1.9 Prerequisites

What to Know

The Care Connect Suite Installer must be able to communicate over TCP port 1433. The installer app accesses and communicates with the platform server SQL database over this port. An exception to this rule is when you are using the Care Connect Suite Installer to actually install said platform server SQL database.

For ALL Spok Mobile implementations, the MessageMonitoring files must be copied to the on-premise Spok Mobile server. These files are used after the installation of Spok Mobile in: Installing the Spok Mobile Message Monitoring Service.

The Care Connect Suite Installer should always be started from the "bootstrapper" executable. In your installation media, these two files work together: Spok Care Connect Server.exe and Spok Care Connect Server.msi. Always run the executable Spok Care Connect Server.exe when starting a new installation—it is the bootstrapper. The bootstrapper performs initialization steps and prepares the system for Care Connect. The bootstrapper automatically runs Spok Care Connect Server.msi at the correct time.

Depending on which bootstrapper you run and which selections you make in the Custom Setup dialog (what you install), some combination of the following applications and features will be installed automatically and appear in Programs and Features:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework—You can manually install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 prior to running the Care Connect Suite Installer if desired. There is no drawback.
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)—Ensure that IIS is not present on the system prior to running the Care Connect Suite Installer.
  • RabbitMQ—Necessary for the Spok Notification Framework in Spok Mobile implementations.
  • Erlang/OTP—Runtime environment and communication libraries to support RabbitMQ in multiple ways.
  • Nuance—Necessary for speech recognition and text-to-speech (TTS).
  • FreeSWITCH—A telephony platform that communicates with the customer's PBX/VoIP offering.

What to Have

After knowing what to be aware of, have these real items before using the Care Connect Suite Installer.

Spok Care Connect Installation Media

The Spok Care Connect Installation media folder contains the following folders and executables.

  1. CareConnect.Monitoring folder 
  2. DatabaseTransfer folder
  3. Prerequisites folder
  4. Spok Care Connect Server.exe
  5. Spok Care Connect Server.msi
  6. Spok.Speech.Nuance.Setup.exe

Administrative Rights

There are two sets of rights required to perform installations using the Care Connect Suite Installer:

  • At the Operating System level: Windows System Administrator
  • At the database level: SQL Server System Administrator

Why are SQL Server System Administrator credentials required?

Administrative rights to SQL Server must be granted in the environment where Care Connect Suite is being installed. This is important because of a number of automated functions that Spok performs. These steps should not be manually executed due to the number of steps required, the dynamic configuration data that must be added to the database, and the specific order that all of the steps need to be executed. The automated functions include:

  • Spok checks if SQL Server's Transparent Data Encryption can be enabled to make sure the database data is encrypted to meet HIPAA and HITECH compliance standards.
  • The deployment creates the necessary Spok databases used by the software.
  • Upgrades alter the Spok databases used by the software.
  • The deployment creates the Spok software run-time user account and the software upgrade account. The run-time user is the username/password credentials that are used by the software. Lower permissions are granted to the run-time account in order to reduce risks if the software were compromised. Greater permissions are granted to the upgrade account in order to apply schema changes when upgrading from one version of the software to a newer version of the software.
  • The necessary SQL Agent tasks will be created in order to purge old data so that the software will not degrade in performance and remain always online.

Free Hard Disk Space

Depending on your installation options and deployment strategy, have the minimum free disk space for each product you install.

  • SQL Database for Care Connect (the "platform server")—1 server x 2.0 GB each = 2 GB
  • Care Connect Web/Device Preferences/Platform Server—2 servers x 1.5 GB each = 3 GB
  • Spok Mobile Server—2 servers x 1.5 GB each = 3 GB
  • Care Connect Speech:—1 server x 4.0 GB each = 4 GB

Note: This is the approximate free disk space required to successfully install each application, only. How much disk space is actually used by each application in day-to-day use can vary.