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Configuring Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Settings

This topic only applies if your environment uses SQL Server Redundant Mirroring.

Configuring Microsoft distributed transaction coordinator settings is step 2 in the process of configuring SQL Server redundant mirroring sessions.

In mirrored Spok Mobile configurations, the Microsoft Distributed Transaction coordinator (MS DTC) needs to be configured on each server. Spok recommends running the following command to perform all the steps in this section:

Set-DTCNetworkSetting -DTCName Local -AuthenticationLevel NoAuth -InboundTransactionsEnabled $True -OutboundTransactionsEnabled $True -RemoteClientAccessEnabled $True -RemoteAdministrationAccessEnabled $True -XATransactionsEnabled $True -LUTransactionsEnabled $True

If the above command fails, follow the steps below to configure MS DTC manually.

  1. From the Windows start menu, choose Start > Administrative Tools > Component Services. The Component Services dialog displays.

  2. In the Component Services snap-in, choose the Computers > Computer Name > Distributed Transaction Coordinator option.

  3. Right click on the Local DTC option.

  4. Choose the Properties option. The Local DTC Properties dialog displays.

  5. Click on the Security tab. The Security tab displays.

  6. Configure the following options:
    • Enable the Network DTC Access option.
    • Enable the Allow Remote Clients option.
    • Enable the Allow Remote Administration option.
    • Enable the Allow Inbound option.
    • Enable the Allow Outbound option.
    • Enable the No Authentication Required option.
    • Enable the Enable XA Transactions option.
    • Enable the Enable SNA LU 6.2 Transactions option.
  7. Click the Apply button.  The MSDTC Service dialog displays.

  8. Click the Yes button to restart the MSDTC service. After the service is restarted, a warning dialog displays.

  9. In the MSDTC Service dialog, click the OK button.

  10. In the Local DTC Properties dialog, click the OK button.