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Spok Mobile Pre-Implementation Configurations

This page explains pre-implementation configurations Spok PSG will perform to set up a shared Asset Directory and configure the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Settings for SQL Server mirroring  or AlwaysOn (if applicable).

Configure the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Settings

This prerequisite is only required for Spok Mobile instances that use a SQL Server mirroring or AlwaysOn configuration. For more details about setting up a mirrored SQL server or an AlwaysOn Spok Mobile implementation, see Configuring SQL Server Redundant Mirroring Sessions, and Preparing for a Spok Mobile Implementation with AlwaysOn.

When configuring Spok Mobile, configure the server to use a static IP address. The server should never use a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) for an IP address assignment.

If the connection between ISF/Mobile Enablement Plugin and Spok Mobile is broken, reply messages from a Spok Mobile client may be lost. Reply messages may be lost if the network cable is physically disconnected, an administrator disables the server's network card, a physical server suddenly loses power, or a virtual server is de-provisioned or suspended. In any of these cases, the Windows operating system on the Spok Mobile server will not be able to detect a break in the TCP connection with the ISF/Mobile Enablement Plugin server.
These concerns can be mitigated by a proper shut down of the Windows server before changing any necessary physical or virtual components. This allows for failover to occur and operations to function as normal.

Configuring a Shared Location for Assets

Spok Mobile requires a shared location to store and share its uploaded assets, such as profile pictures and message attachments, regardless of whether or not you are setting up a fault-tolerant environment. This shared folder is called the Assets Upload Directory Location. In order to run a fault-tolerant environment, you must make this folder accessible from both the Care Connect Platform server and Spok Mobile server. The Assets Upload Directory Location cannot be on a local path (for example: c:/folder), and must be configured in a fault-tolerant location. You can create shared folders through the "Create a Shared Folder Wizard" or by right clicking on the folder, choosing the Share with menu option, configuring the sharing options by enabling the “Read/Write” or “Full” rights access, and then clicking Share.

To set up the Assets Upload Directory, do the following:

  1. Add a user or service account (with a username such as "CareConnect") to all Windows systems which the Care Connect Suite systems will use, including the Primary Platform and Spok Mobile servers, and the Secondary Platform and Spok Mobile servers, and the system which will host the Assets Upload Directory. When you create this user account, observe the following best practices:
  • Do not set the password for this account to expire.
  • Set the same password across all systems on which you create this account.
  • Do not disable this account.
  • Do not change the account password when you first log in.
  • Add this user to a super user or administrators group.
  1. Create the Shared Assets directory in a fault-tolerant location. 
  2. Give the user/service account Read/Write permissions to the shared location.