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Monitoring SQL Mirroring

Monitoring SQL mirroring is an important step for configuring SQL Server redundant mirroring sessions.

You can check the status using the following query:

--This shows if there is mirroring.
Select * from sys.database_mirroring
--This shows if there are any endpoints.
Select * from sys.database_mirroring_endpoints
-- This shows all endpoints in the server
Select * from sys.tcp_endpoints
--This shows certificates.
Select * from sys.certificates
--This shows users.
Select * from sys.database_principals

You can also check the state of the database mirroring by performing the following steps:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio. The SQL Server Management Studio screen displays.

  2. Connect to the principal server.

  3. Right click on the mirrored database. Menu options display.

  4. Choose the Tasks > Launch Database Mirroring Monitor menu option. The Database Mirroring Monitor displays, showing the status of the database that is being monitored.