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Product Components

Spok Mobile Services

The Services component of Spok Mobile includes the server portion of the product. The host system (WebXchange, Smart Suite, IntelliSuite/Spok Console, Messenger, DPE, etc.) connects to this component for registration and messaging. In a Local Message Delivery configuration, this server is used to call the web service located in the Hosted environment and to send the push notification for the message. The Services component can also be referred to as “Premise,” “Enterprise,” or “MCS.”

Spok Mobile Client

The client component of Spok Mobile includes the application that can be installed on Android, iOS, and other devices. This component of the product is used by end users on their personal devices.

Spok Mobile Hosted

The Hosted component of Spok Mobile runs Amazon Web Services. This component of the product is responsible for pushes, registration, message delivery in the “Hosted Message Delivery” model configuration, the Hosted administration web interface, and for making client downloads available.

Host System

The host system sends messages and registrations to Spok Mobile for processing. Current examples of host systems include Smart Suite, MediCall Suite, IntelliSuite/Spok Console, Messenger, and Critical Test Results Management (CTRM). Note that this requires that an existing registration exist from a host system, but then can deliver messages via WCTP into Spok Mobile.