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Adding a CTRM Integration

You can add new integrations in the Spok Enterprise Administration interface. To add a new integration to the Spok Server, do the following:

When you add or update integrations in high availability environments, the changes are applied to the DRS web service’s web.config file. However, the changes to the secondary server’s web.config must be made manually. To do this, copy the updated file from the primary server’s DRS (<IISROOT>\wwwroot\Spok\SpokDRS\web.config) and paste the new file onto the secondary server to replace the existing file.

  1. Access the Spok Enterprise Administration interface.

  2. Navigate to Administration > System Configuration > Integration to view the Manage Integration Settings screen.

  3. Click the Add link. The Create Integration Settings screen will appear.

  4. From the Application Type drop-down menu, select the type of integration that you would like to add. The fields change depending on which option you select.


Adding CTRM

The Critical Test Results Management (CTRM) system records and manages the path that alerts or cases follow in order to record responses, escalations, and violations. This allows organizations to easily view the communication path through which information travels.

Because CTRM can integrate with the Data Repository Service, it can retrieve information from a centralized Spok Service.

The information below describes how to configure the Spok Server component to integrate with a Critical Test Results Management-Data Repository Service. For additional information on how to configure CTRM for use with the Data Repository Service, see Implementing CTRM 5.9 or Implementing CTRM 5.8.

To create an integration with the Critical Test Results Management system, do the following:

  1. Enter the following information:
    CTRM_CCS Integration.PNG


    In the Name field, enter a name to describe the service that you are creating. For example, if you would like to refer to the service that you are creating as “CTRM” because the service enables the Spok Server to integrate with the Critical Test Results Management system, you could enter “CTRM” into this field.


    In the Remark field, enter any additional information that could be helpful when viewing this service. This clarification information could include any notes or reference information that should be associated with the service that is being created.

    Application Type

    From the Application Type drop-down menu, choose the Critical Test Results Management option.


    Leave the Server field set to its default value.


    In the URL field, enter the full URL that will be used to access the CTRM system with which you are integrating.

    For example: 

    https://<server address>/ACTRMTransporter/Messages

  1. Click the Save link. The information is saved and the new service displays in the Manage Integration Settings screen.