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Resetting IIS on the Spok Mobile Server

This topic describes how to reset IIS on the Spok Mobie Server.

After installation and configuration of Care Connect Suite has been completed, log out and reset IIS on the Spok Mobile Server.

  1. Log out of the Spok Mobile server.
  2. Open a new Command Prompt or PowerShell instance.
  3. Type iisreset, and press Enter to restart IIS.
  4. Ensure that you have installed the Care Connect Platform Server and have completed Restarting IIS on the Care Connect Server.

After restarting IIS, when you log in to the administrative interface (the web interface, the Spok Mobile Enterprise Administration interface, the Care Connect Administrative interface, or Device Preferences) you should see that the Platform and Mobile servers are linked and you should encounter no authentication issues when navigating between the two.