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Spok Mobile 4.6 High Availability Configuration


Why does Spok Mobile require both the Spok Mobile Server and the Care Connect Server?

The Care Connect Server is the heart of Care Connect. All business logic (registration, status, directory searches) and transaction handling of message flows are handled through the Care Connect Server. It also facilitates cross-product integration and communication brokerage between Spok applications.

To improve security, the business logic of Spok Mobile resides in the Care Connect Server. This allows the Care Connect Server APIs and services to reside safely within the LAN, while the Spok Mobile Server resides in the DMZ for messaging access. The Spok Mobile server only brokers connections between registered devices and the Internet. This configuration ensures the utmost in security by limiting and locking down access.

Why is a High Availability Configuration so important?

Spok highly recommends that the Care Connect Server be set up for high availability because it is the central component of Spok Mobile and Care Connect solutions in general. The Care Connect Server and Spok Mobile Servers support active-passive, fault tolerant configurations in the load balancers on the Web server application tier and database storage tier. 

When the Care Connect Server is configured for high availability in an active-passive mode, no human intervention is required to trigger a failover. There is little to no disruption of service because the load balancer easily moves traffic from the primary master server to the secondary passive server as needed.