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Smart Suite Oracle and Redhat Licensing and Support Model

Systems Impacted:

Impact: Low

This applies only to Smart Suite (all versions) and is regarding the Oracle and Red Hat licensing model.


Oracle Licensing & Support Overview

Smart Suite is supplied with Oracle software licensed under an Embedded Software License (ESL). This license considers the Oracle products to be part and parcel with the Smart Suite software package. This license is separate from any other license a customer has and does not count against that license for auditing purposes. The upfront license fee is included at the time of sale and is passed along to Oracle. All Oracle license support fees are included in the customer's annual maintenance fee and then are paid by Spok to Oracle on the customer's behalf.

The Oracle ESL license does not allow any third-party software, including Oracle products, to access the database. The data may be accessed only via the Smart Suite application, which includes the available API.

Because this is considered embedded software there are no restrictions on virtual or physical processors that would normally be found in a full use Oracle product.


License Coverage:

  • Server-side Java in Spok products comes with the products provided by Oracle, Oracle Database and WebLogic. The Java licenses are covered by the Embedded Software License that covers the database and WebLogic.
  • For client-side Java, customers are required to provide and install Oracle Java SE8 for the necessary workstations that use Smart Suite products.



  • If the customer has licensed Smart Suite, which was built using both Oracle Forms and Oracle WebLogic, Spok has licensed these through Oracle in addition to the Embedded Oracle Database license. Spok would be considered a “Schedule B Product” – and with the continued maintenance of Smart Suite, they would have license to use Java for their Smart Suite applications without any incremental or additional cost.


Oracle JDK FAQ:


Red Hat Licensing & Support Overview

Subscription Coverage and Pricing:
Smart Suite is supplied with a Red Hat operating system license. This license considers the Red Hat products to be part and parcel with the Smart Suite software package, meaning no additional or separate subscription or registration of these products directly with Red Hat is required by the customer. The upfront license fee is included at the time of sale and is passed along to Red Hat.


Spok is the customer’s first point of contact for incidents related to Red Hat.  Please contact Spok support by calling the phone number for your region or raising a ticket. Details can be found here: