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Fix error FRM-41214 Unable to Run Reports (Smart Suite 5.x)


This article will provide a more efficient way to reset the reports server in Smart Suite 5.x without having to cause customer downtime. This is specifically for error FRM-41214 seen in Smart Center when trying to open a report.


Many times, customers call in reporting that they are unable to run reports in Smart Center. If they go to open a report in Smart Center, they immediately get this error in the notification bar at the bottom of Smart Center: "FRM-41214: Unable to Run Report.".

Resolution #1

The first thing to do to resolve the issue is to try and restart the "WLS_REPORTS" server in WebLogic. 

  1. Open WebLogic on the web server with the issue: http://servername:7001/console
  2. Log in as the user WebLogic
  3. In the left section Labeled "Domain Structure", navigate to "Environment" and then on the right section click on "Servers"











  1. Then click on the "Control" tab towards the top and check the box next to "WLS_REPORTS". Then click "Shutdown" and choose "Force Shutdown Now" to turn off the reports server. 
  1. At the next screen press "Yes" to confirm the shutdown. Wait at the next servers screen, watch the state of this server, until it is shutdown, task complete, you may have to refresh.

  2. Once shutdown, you can start the server by checking the box next to "WLS_REPORTS" and pressing "Start" above. Hit "Yes" at the next screen to confirm the start.

  3. Once that is running again, test reports to see if it is back up and running, if not move to resolution #2.


Resolution #2

If restarting the reports server does not resolve the issue follow the steps below as a next step

  1. Go through steps #1 through #5 on in Resolution #1 above to shutdown WLS_REPORTS
  2. After the reports server is shutdown, log into the affected web server and make sure you are connected as the root user.
  3. Run this command:  ps -ef | grep reports    It should look similar to the image below (was done in Smart Suite 5.7)


  1. The next step is to kill the reports processes. You are going to want to kill all of the processes listed here EXCEPT FOR the process labeled "tee -a reports.log" and "grep reports"

  2. As a reminder, you want to use the PID number, which is the number on the left, not the PPID number which is on the right

  1. The command I would run in this example is: kill -9 10666 10683 10716      it is possible that there are one or two more than three to kill (single space between each PID).

  2. After it is done, if you run the command in step 3 again, it will show all the processes still there. This is normal, as they just respawned with different PID numbers.

  3. Next, go into back into WebLogic and start the WLS_REPORTS server. Follow step #6 in Resolution #1 and previous steps to guide you.

  4. After the reports server is back up, test running reports again in Smart Center.

  5. If this still does not resolve your issue, you will probably have to resort to restarting WebLogic all together. Keep in mind that this will take down all web services on the specific server. A good guide on this is here (Skip Step 6):