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Installing Spok CTI


This article will show the basics of Installing Spok CTI on a workstation

Before Installing

  1. Make sure that the Windows user installing Smart Console has local administrative privileges
  2. Put all install files on the local disk of the computer where Spok CTI is being installed
  3. Be sure to use the same Windows operating system that Smart Console and Spok CTI was originally setup to use


Note: The example install was done using Spok CTI version, although the basics of this article will apply to previous versions of CTI

  1. Right click CTIServiceInstaller.msi and click Install

  2. At the welcome window, click Next

  3. At the Custom Setup window, choose the type of phones that are being used. Click on the red X next to the one needed and choose Will be installed on local hard drive. A list of possible selections are at the end of the article.

    03_FeatureSelection.png       04_FeatureSelection2.png
  4. Once the correct CTI service is selected, click Next and then at the Ready to install window, click Install

    05_ReadyInstall.png      06_Installing.png
  5. If the install completed successfully, the following window should display. After clicking Finish, Spok CTI can then be configured.


Spok CTI Feature List

  • AES Service (Avaya)
  • Alcatel CSTA Service
  • Cisco Service
  • GenApps
    • GenCCT 6.0
    • GenCCT 6.2
    • GenCCT 7.0
    • GenMiTai 4.0
    • GenMiTai 5.0
    • GenBridge
  • GenToCTI Service
  • Meridian 2250 Console Service
  • Nortel M2xxx Phones (MCA) Service
  • SNOM Service
  • TAPI Service Provider (TSPs)
    • ISDN 8520 Phone TSP
    • Lucent i2022 Phone TSP
    • Tone Commander Phone TSP
    • Meridian SL1 Services Attendant Console TSP (BOSS)
    • Meridian 39xx Phone TSP
    • Meridian 2216 Phone TSP
    • Meridian 2250 Console TSP
    • Dees CSI-380 TSP (M5316)
    • Siemens ROLM 9005 Phone TSP
    • Meridian SL1 2616 Phone TSP