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Smart Alert Errors 14xxx - SNPP PAGE (SNPP_OUT) Errors




The following table lists the Smart Alert errors for the SNPP_PAGE module.

Error No. Initiated Description Action
14000 SNPP_PAGE Page failed, no response Check SNPP Processes
14001 SNPP_PAGE Invalid File Initialization parameters could not be loaded from the specfied file.
14002 SNPP_PAGE Invalid Login Logging snpp_page to the database has failed.
14003 SNPP_PAGE Invalid Page Structure Allocating memory to send the pages has failed.
14004 SNPP_PAGE Invalid Page Packet The message to be sent contains unknown data type.
14005 SNPP_PAGE Invalid Server Name The specified host or server name cannot be reached.
14006 SNPP_PAGE Invalid Connection Connecting to the specified server on the specified port has failed.
14007 SNPP_PAGE Socket Write Error Writing message on the open connection has failed.
14008 SNPP_PAGE No Response The SNPP server failed to respond to the message.
14009 SNPP_PAGE Unknown Response The response received from the SNPP server is not recognized.
14421 SNPP_PAGE Page Failed On the SNPP server, too Many Errors Occurred or Gateway Service Unavailable.
14503 SNPP_PAGE Pager Id or Message Incomplete The message or the pager id was not accepted by the SNPP server.
14550 SNPP_PAGE Invalid Pager Id or Message The message or the pager id was not accepted by the SNPP server.
14554 SNPP_PAGE Page Failed Page failed due to SNPP server Technical Reason.