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Oracle has its own built-in error codes, which can be found online or via the "oerr" command.

[amcom@amcom1 ~]$ oerr ora 12899

ORA-12899:    value too large for column string (actual: string, maximum: string)
Cause:            An attempt was made to insert or update a column with a value which is too wide for the width of the destination column. The name of the column is given, along with the actual width of the value, and the maximum allowed width of the column. Note that widths are reported in characters if character length semantics are in effect for the column, otherwise widths are reported in bytes.
Action:           Examine the SQL statement for correctness. Check source and destination column data types. Either make the destination column wider, or use a subset of the source column (i.e. use substring).

This tells us that the value trying to be entered into a column is too long for the column.  In Smart Suite, this can occur wherever data is being inserted.

For example, an Oracle form may have an incorrect maximum value set that is larger than the column it references.  In a datafeed (periodic), this can occur if the temporary tables' values are set lower than the real columns' values and the customer is sending this data as set to the size of the real table and not the temp table.  In an hl7 interface, this can occur in any of the fields where data is sent, such as patient_name, hospital_service, admitting_doctor, and so on.

You have to go through the data being sent and compare to each of the columns being inserted to determine where the error occurs.  You can determine the column sizes by describing the tables in question.


Example of a Rejected Hl7 request:



DATE/TIME: Fri Oct 14 23:51:59 2022



[0B]MSH|^~\&|iCENTRA|   |SPOK|   |20221014235159||ACK^A08|                                                 |^|2.3||||[0D]MSA|AE|                                               |Executing MAIN Sql statement for ADTA08 has failed. Error number 12899 has occurred.|0[0D][1C][0D