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Adding custom ringtones to the Zebra TC51

You need these items before starting:

  • Zebra TC51 mobile computer
  • Compatible Micro-USB data cable that fits the Zebra TC511
  • Windows PC (most any will work)
  • One or more MP3 ringtones accessible from the Windows PC
These are the overall steps (with links) to adding custom ringtones to the Zebra TC51:
  1. Enable USB debugging—How to enable USB debugging
  2. Connect to a Windows PC—How to connect the Zebra TC51 to a PC
  3. Transfer ringtones and set them—How to add custom ringtones to the Zebra TC51

(1 Accessory model 25-124330-01R is the USB data cable included with many Single Slot ShareCradles. Use this cable if you have one.)

How to enable USB debugging

USB debugging mode is an Android feature; it is not specific to the Zebra TC51. While not always necessary, in most cases USB debugging must be enabled for proper driver installation to occur after connecting to a Windows PC.

To enable USB debugging mode, you must first activate Developer options on your Zebra TC51 mobile computer. This shows you a hidden Android menu where you can enable USB debugging mode.

To enable USB debugging mode:

  1. First activate Developer options by doing the following:
    1. Go to Settings > About phone.
    2. Tap Build number seven times.
      Developer options is active and its menu is no longer hidden.
  2. Return to the previous screen to find Developer options at the bottom. Tap this.
  3. In Developer options, scroll to the Debugging area, and tap USB debugging.
    USB debugging mode is ON when the toggle button is resting at its rightmost position.

USB debugging mode is now enabled. This ensures proper driver installation occurs, if necessary.
Next: Continue to the next steps for connecting the Zebra TC51 to a Windows PC.

How to connect the Zebra TC51 to a PC

Connect the Zebra TC51 mobile computer to a Windows PC using a compatible USB data cable. Depending on your owned Zebra accessories, you might have a Single Slot ShareCradle that has a USB data cable connected to it. This cable can be used.

To connect the Zebra TC51 to a Windows PC:

  1. If your Zebra TC51 is being held in a holster or ShareCradle, take the Zebra TC51 out of it.
  2. Ensure your Zebra TC51 is turned ON and has a sufficient battery charge (greater than 25%).
  3. If you use a ShareCradle that has a USB data cable attached to it, detach the USB cable from the rear of the ShareCradle and from whatever the larger end the USB cable is connected to.
  4. Connect the wide end of the USB data cable to the Windows PC.
  5. Connect the small end of the USB data cable to the Zebra TC51.
The Windows PC should recognize the Zebra TC51 and may install device drivers if necessary. If drivers are installing, allow the installation to finish before continuing.
Next: Keep the USB data cable connected at both ends, and proceed to the next set of instructions.

How to add custom ringtones to the Zebra TC51

Your Zebra TC51 has USB debugging enabled and is connected to a Windows PC using a USB data cable. You can now add custom ringtones to the Zebra TC51 and use them in Spok Mobile by following these instructions.

To add custom ringtones to the Zebra TC51:

  1. Swipe down on the status bar to reveal the notification drawer.
  2. Tap the notification that states the USB cable is connected or charging.
  3. Change the USB Settings to File transfers by tapping that option.
    This allows the Windows PC to view the file folders of the Zebra TC51.

  4. Use the Windows PC for these next steps:
    1. Depending on your Windows version, open My Computer or This PC.
    2. Find the connected device TC51, and click to highlight it.
    3. Double-click Internal storage to view the file folders on the Zebra TC51.

    4. Double-click the Ringtones folder to open it.
    5. Paste, or use drag-and-drop, to move MP3 files from the Windows PC to the Ringtones folder.
      Note: The files must have MP3 encoding and a *.MP3 file extension.
  5. Disconnect the USB data cable from the Zebra TC51.
  6. Restart the Zebra TC51.
    Note: Your new ringtones are accessible only after a restart of the Zebra TC51.
  7. After restarting, open the Spok Mobile app.
  8. In the Spok Mobile app, tap the drawer button, and tap Settings.
  9. Based on the priority level for which you are configuring a ringtone, tap High Priority Tone, Medium Priority Tone, or Low Priority Tone.

  10. Tap Tone to show the list of available ringtones.
  11. Scroll to and tap one of the custom ringtones you transferred from the Windows PC to the Zebra TC51.
    The list of ringtones is sorted alphabetically.
The new, custom ringtone is now set as the tone for the priority level you configured.
Next: You can repeat this process for the other priority levels if desired.