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ANI (Automatic Number Identification) & ALI (Automatic Location Identification) in 911

     In 911, you may hear about ANI (Automatic Number Identification) and ALI (Automatic Location Identification) frequently from PSAP (Public-safety Answering Point) or Spok resources.

     ANI (Automatic Number Identification) is the phone number passed to the PSAP. ALI (Automatic Location Identification) is the location detail (address along with any detail like building name or suite number or floor or room, etc.) associated with the ANI from the database where the PSAP is connected.

      If ANI is not passed correctly to PSAP, you need to check which extension in your organization made the 911 call first. Then, you need to check whether the extension is passed as it is to Spok Enterprise Alert, without masked to any other number. If the extension is passed correctly to Spok EA, then, you need to check whether the extension is with correct information as DID number or NON-DID number in Spok database by EADM. If the data content for the extension looks correct, please open the case with Spok Support team to run the deeper analysis for the issue.

     If ALI information is not displayed correctly to PSAP, although the displaying ANI to PSAP is correct, you need to check the ANI whether it has the right address/location information in Spok database. If the data content is not correct, you need to correct the address and location in Spok database by EADM. If it is DID number, it needs to be updated to ALI management company. If it is NON-DID number, the extension needs to be mapped to the nearest DID number, which should be in Spok database as another extension as DID number and sent to ALI Management company in PSALI. If you don’t see any incorrect information for the extension in Spok database, please contact to Spok Support team to run the deeper analysis for the issue.