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AT&T 3G Network Shutdown – Impact on MultiTech Modems FAQ



Q:  Why are we doing this? 

A:  We are contacting customers that were supplied a MultiTech Cellular modem as part of Spok Messenger software purchase and installation to inform you that these modems will be impacted by the AT&T 3G network shutdown in February of 2022 

Q:  What Modems are impacted? 

A:  Customers that have purchased the following MultiTech modem models and are utilizing the AT&T network will be impacted and will require a set of commands to be run on each modem to ensure they are 4G ready.  The models include: 



Q:  What do you need to do to ensure they are 4G ready? 

A:  In order to ensure these modems are 4G ready, a support representative will need to login to each modem and run a set of AT commands. 

Additionally, work with your wireless vendor to ensure your SIM card is 4G capable.

Q:  How long will this maintenance take? 

A:  Running the command on each modem will be very quick, however, to run the command, the modem must be taken offline and the support representative will require direct access to the command line of each modem. 

Q:  Will this require downtime? 

A:  You should anticipate a period of downtime to accomplish this task.  Each customer configuration may be different, with one or more modems.  We may be able to accomplish this task with minimal to no downtime, but we suggest a formal change window with planned downtime. 

Q:  I also have an MCT-LVW2-B01-US modem for Verizon, will this be impacted? 

A:  Not at this time.  To ensure we meet the AT&T deadline of February 2022, we are focused only on the AT&T modems.  Spok is aware of the Verizon deadline of December 2022 and has verified with MultiTech that no action needs to be taken on these modems to enable 4G.  We are continuing to monitor the situation and will communicate with customers as needed.

Q:  How do I know if my AT&T wireless SIM card is 4G capable? 

A:  Please work with your wireless vendor to ensure your SIM card is 4G capable.  Each Spok customer is required to procure and is responsible for their own SIM cards. 

Q:  How will the process work? 

A:  Spok will create a Salesforce maintenance support case for each customer to track the change.  A support engineer will work with you to create the change control and coordinate the actions needed to update each impacted modem.  Once all modems have been updated, the support case will be closed. 

Q:  How do I know the model of my Modem(s)? 

A:  There is a sticker on the bottom of each modem that will provide you with the model of the modem.  Below is a screenshot showing the Model number at the top:





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