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Cisco Ring Tones - how to acquire and how to play


This article covers how to retrieve the cisco ring tones from the CUCM for use with messenger.


In the event the customer wishes to change or add ring tones on their Cisco wireless Devices it may be helpful to see what is already available. There is another document for adding ringtones.

Step 1. Retrieve the XML file listing the currently available ringtons.

C:\Users\SpokUser> tftp GET Ringlist.xml C:\Temp\Ringlist.xml ( is the ip-address of the CUCM and will be customer specific)
* you may need to enable TFTP client on the messenger system through windows "programs and features"


Step 2. View the XML, it should appear similar to the example below.


<CiscoIPPhoneRingList><Ring><DisplayName>Analog Synth 1</DisplayName><FileName>Analog1.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Analog Synth 2</DisplayName><FileName>Analog2.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Are You There 1</DisplayName><FileName>AreYouThere.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Are You There 2</DisplayName><FileName>AreYouThereF.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Bass</DisplayName><FileName>Bass.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Chime</DisplayName><FileName>Chime.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Cisco Standard</DisplayName><FileName>CiscoStandard.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Cisco Symphonic</DisplayName><FileName>CiscoSymphonic.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Cisco


Step 3. Retrieve the ringtone('s) you wish to preview.

C:\Users\SpokUser> tftp GET Analog1.raw

Step 4. Install "Audacity" available from   

Step 5. Import the Cisco ring tones into audacity by going to "File > Import > Raw Data"

AUdacity raw import.jpg

6. Set:

Encoding to "U-Law"

Byte Order: "No Endianness

Channels: "1 channel (Mono)

Start offset: "0"

Amount to import: "100%"

Sample Rate: "8000"

audictity coding.png

7.From here you can now play the file.

AUdacity play.jpg

8. You may also export the file in a standard format in the event the customer would like to listen to the prompts.

AUdacity export.jpg

Mp3 file format is the most common and smallest file format to use. Recommended if emailing the files to the customer.

AUdacity export1.jpg

*you may need to download the MP3 encoder from a third party.


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