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Cisco Ring Tones - How to acquire and how to play


This article covers how to retrieve the Cisco ring tones from a customer's Cisco Unified Call Manager (CUCM).


If a customer wishes to change or add ring tones on their Cisco wireless devices, we can retrieve available ringtones from the customer's CUCM for viewing. There is a separate document on how to add ringtones.

Step 1. Retrieve the XML file listing the currently available ringtones.

C:\Users\SpokUser> tftp GET Ringlist.xml C:\Temp\Ringlist.xml ( is the ip-address of the CUCM and will be customer specific)
* you may need to enable TFTP client on the messenger system through windows "programs and features"


Step 2. View the XML, it should appear similar to the example below.


<CiscoIPPhoneRingList><Ring><DisplayName>Analog Synth 1</DisplayName><FileName>Analog1.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Analog Synth 2</DisplayName><FileName>Analog2.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Are You There 1</DisplayName><FileName>AreYouThere.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Are You There 2</DisplayName><FileName>AreYouThereF.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Bass</DisplayName><FileName>Bass.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Chime</DisplayName><FileName>Chime.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Cisco Standard</DisplayName><FileName>CiscoStandard.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Cisco Symphonic</DisplayName><FileName>CiscoSymphonic.raw</FileName></Ring><Ring><DisplayName>Cisco


Step 3. Retrieve the ringtone('s) you wish to preview.

C:\Users\SpokUser> tftp GET Analog1.raw

Step 4. Install "Audacity" available from   

Step 5. Import the Cisco ring tones into audacity by going to "File > Import > Raw Data"

AUdacity raw import.jpg

Step 6. Set:

Encoding to "U-Law"

Byte Order: "No endianness"

Channels: "1 channel (Mono)"

Start offset: "0"

Amount to import: "100%"

Sample Rate: "8000"

audictity coding.png

Step 7. From here you can now play the file.

AUdacity play.jpg

Step 8. You may also export the file in a standard format in the event the customer would like to listen to the prompts.

AUdacity export.jpg

Note: Mp3 file format is the most common and smallest file format to use. Recommended if emailing the files to the customer.

*you may need to download the MP3 encoder from a third party.

AUdacity export1.jpg


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