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Can’t Find AniAli Record But Can’t Add It Either (EADM)


Issue - Customer reported that they are told “No records found” when searching for an ANI/ALI record in EADM but get this message when trying to add the same extension in EADM – “Record(Extension ****) already exists in ANI/ALI table”.


Resolution – EADM was configured to mark ANI/ALI records as deleted but NOT display deleted ANI/ALI records.  Changed this setting  - Enterprise Alert\EADM\eadmnet\web.config\ShowMarkedDeletedRecords to “True”   and restarted EADM to resolve.


Explanation -

EADM can be configured to delete records or just mark records as deleted.  If it is configured to delete records, the record is deleted from the database. The only way to “recover” it, is to add it back via EADM or the TMS/XNupdate process that the customer is already using. 

If configured to mark records as deleted, then there are parameters that allow the record to be displayed. If configured to display deleted records, the record will have a red background when it is displayed in EADM.

To “undelete” the record, just click Enable in the ANI/Ali screen.

Configuration files and parameters:

Enterprise Alert\EADM\ –

'Deleted records

'delete mode for aniali table

'D-delete; M=markonly

Const anialideletemode = "M"


'display marked as deleted records

'1-display; 2 do not display

Const displaymarkedasdeletedrecords = "1"


Enterprise Alert\EADM\eadmnet\web.config

‘True = display; False = do not display



It is HIGHLY recommended that if Const anialideletemode =”M” that

Const displaymarkedasdeletedrecords is set “1”  and ShowMarkedDeletedRecords= is set to ”True”. Otherwise the customer will run into the issue noted at the top  of this article.


Database query to find record that is marked as deleted –

Select marksent,status where extension = ‘1234’

Results –

Marksent           Status

D                          Deleted              

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