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PSALI - Resent Errored Out Records

     The error out record can be resent in next cycle to ALI Management company by Spok PSALI program, if the following conditions are met.


  1. Spok PSALI program is running always in auto mode. Even if the program runs in manual mode, the conditions below are met, the error out record will be extracted, but the user must run the steps manually, create date file and send the data file to Ali management company. 
  1. The value as ‘E’, is included in the values for the parameter, DailyRecTypes, in the configuration file. For example, as below, any record marked as I or C or E or P or G or M in the database will be sent out to the ALI Management company in the next cycle.



  1. The value in Marksent field in ANIALI table has the value as E. Upon download the error/status files from ALI management company, the Spok PSALI program updates the value in the marksent field to E if the extension is error out.
  1. The value in DIDYN field in ANIALI table is Y.
  1. The parameter in the PSALI configuration file as UseDIDynField should be TRUE.