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Adding New Operators

In order to create a new/edit an operator in MediCall console, it MUST be done by the MediCall Console administrator.  Console administrator has the user rights to create, edit, and/or delete an user.  To Add, Edit, and Delete an user, please follow the following steps:

  1. Access the Lookup Screen,
  2. Click the {Admin} button locaton on the right side of the screen, and the Administrative menu will display,


3.  Select the {Console [A]dministration} option,



4.  Click the {Select} button, and the Administrative Tools screen will display          



5.  Click on the {Operators}


6.  The Operators Information screen will display


If you are adding a new Operator please do the following steps:

7.  Click on the {Add} button, and enter the New Operator’s information


      8.  Enter the {Login Name} This would be the log-in ID.

      9.  {Phone Login} enter the ACD login ID, if the ACD is being used.

    10.  {Phone} enter the password for ACD login, if the ACD is being used  .

    11. {Name} enter the operator’s First and Last name.

    12. {Password} enter the operator’s password and confirm it.

    13. {Security Level} assign the security level for the operator.

    14. Select the {Voice With Smile} option for the operator.

    15. Click on the {Update} button to save the operator information. 

    16. Repeat steps 7 – 15 to add multiple operators.

    17. Click on the {Exit} button to close the screen.


Upon exiting the operator screen, you will see the Administration Tools screen, click on {Exit} to go back to the Console screen.


You have successfully added a new operator for the Console.