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Caller ID Missing In Search History Screen (Mediastar Inspector)


When running Search History, the caller id will display for some calls but not for others. 


Unless the caller id/number was not sent to us by the phone (phone system issue) or the caller id was blocked, the caller id/number should be available in the History screen. 


That said, we have  no way to determine where the caller id is in the  data stream that is sent to us  by  the phone.  In  most  cases, the caller id is  in the largest buffer sent by the phone.  We save the data from the largest buffer to a “main” record. The rest of data from the phone is saved to multiple records that are related to the “main” record.  In some cases, the caller id/number is saved to these related records.


The main record is displayed in the Displayed Info column when Search History is run in Brief mode. 


In the first screen shot, the History report is in Brief format.  Notice Displayed Info is blank. This means that the longest buffer (sent to us by the phone) did not have any data.

But if you run Search History in Detailed mode (see the second screen shot), the related records are displayed in the Displayed Info column.  As you can see, the caller id was captured. It was just saved to a different record then the main record.

When running History report in detailed format, please try to limit the date/time range to less than a day and to a specific position to improve performance.

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