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HL7 Feed - Oracle Error 1400


You may encounter an error connected to a customer's HL7 feed which indicates an Oracle 1400 error. This error may actually be presented to the customer's HL7 feed side rather than appearing in Smart Suite.


The Oracle 1400 error is the result of a feed entry attempting to insert a null value into a column that will not accept a null value. An example of the error that the customer received with the patient's details redacted:

ERROR <Ens>ErrGeneral: Retrying HL7 Message body 7@EnsLib.HL7.Message / 106615937 because response 8@EnsLib.HL7.Message MSA code 'AE' matched ReplyCodeActions 2-3 : ':?E=RD,:?R=RD', resulting in Action code RD : [REDACTED]|Executing RESPONSE Sql statement for ADTA08 has failed. Error number 1400 has occurred.|0

In the case of this instance, the error was due to a null value being presented in the "patient id" column. The resolution was to have the customer re-send the data with a viable "patient id" defined.

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