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Smart Speech Transcription - Support - Overview


This guide is being created to provide a Overview of common location to look for transcription files to confirm it sending.

As of 10/20/2020

First step is confirm that the SmartSpeechTuningServices are installed on customer speech box.

1.) SmartSpeechCallLogConversion service

2.) Speech Client service.


From the speech box the upload location that is currently default:



*filename - Name of site or what is setup on speech transcription folder

*details in attached Zip - SmartSpeechTuningServices


Next steps are all outside of Support control but to explain

Copy location from server script that runs at 9 AM EST



*file name - name of site setup in speech server


The Development/Plano script copies these files over to the share Plano is looking at. The below two are the "same", but depending on end user, they point to one of these two locations:

The Plano office handles transcription information once it is off the speech server. 

Plano share


Another name of this share





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