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Smart Alert Errors 107xx - SIA Errors

SIA (System Interface Alarms (ie, Alarms Interface) ) Errors



The following table lists the Smart Alert errors for the SIA (System Interface Alarms) module.

Error No. Initiated Description Action
10700 SIA Invalid SQL The SQL statement from the ini file has some error(s). Check the statement for its validity including bind variables.
10701 SIA Record Not Found Message received has an event for which no record was found. The event can be added to that database table to avoid this error.
10702 SIA Invalid Initialization File Modem initializing has failed. Check the modem, the phone line and the INIT string in the setup file.
10703 SIA Invalid Port The specified port cannot be opened.
10704 SIA Invalid Login The specified login SQL is invalid. Please check LOGIN SQL in the initialization file.
10705 SIA Invalid Alarm Device The specified alarm device is misspelt or is not supported.